A tweet of mine: I’m even sexier now than when we met.

According to a recent survey by the TV shopping channel QVC, women reach their prime when they are 31 years old.

It noted that the average 31-year-old still has youthful beauty, but she also has more confidence and a better sense of style than her teenage and 20-something counterparts.

The survey carried out by the American television network polled over 2,000 men and women in the United States.

Of those polled, 70 percent cited confidence as the main factor in contributing to a woman’s attractiveness. Sixty-seven percent marked that good looks mattered most, while 47 percent equated stylishness with beauty.

Next year I will hit the big 3-1, the magic number when women are deemed to be at their most attractive.

Apparently, I’m in my prime. Hmm.