Name: Ferah Fletcher
Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger
Height: 4’1”
Age: 21
Alignment: Good

Ferah is a 21-year-old Halfling Ranger. She, like many Halflings, lived until recently in a caravan along a river in southern Amar. Travelers of other races – but mostly families of Halflings and Gnomes – make up her caravan. She is from the White River Caravan.

She comes from a long line of archers. The family practices the art of archery as if it were a religion. Her family specializes in bow making and fletching. Her father was a fletcher, her father’s father was a fletcher, and her brother will train as a fletcher when he is older. Her family name is Fletcher, after her family’s craft.

Her family is tasked with the administration of the caravan and is the principle broker of their large trade. Though bowying and fletching is their full-time occupation, they use their goods and practice archery whenever they can.

She is the oldest of three children. Her father is a widower. Ferah’s mother was killed mercilessly by a Human a year ago. Her mother was a very skilled bowyer; many say she “had a way with bowstrings.” She was training Ferah in the craft in the months before her death. Ferah has a 15-year-old sister and an 8-year-old brother. She is like a second mother to them.

Like many Halflings, Ferah has a reputation for thievery and guile. Several families in her caravan provide these as a service, and even deal in theft and information as traded goods. In her case, however, Ferah deals mostly in the theft of information. Ferah is first and foremost an archer – a warrior with a bow and arrow – but she is also clever, crafty and charming enough to draw even the deepest, darkest secrets from total strangers.

Ferah left her caravan recently to search for her mother’s killer and avenge her death. During her quest, she also occasionally finds work as a thief, spy or assassin. Ironically, for a Halfling archer who draws secrets “on the side,” Ferah keeps many secrets of her own.

Not much is known about the Human who killed Ferah’s mother, except that he is very tall, very dark and has a scar down the left side of his face. His alignment is evil.

He was following the river north on his own quest with a company of 50 men and 50 horses, intent on starting war. He ordered that the White River Caravan make him 50 sets of bows and arrows in a fortnight. The Human returned only a week later, demanding all of his gear and for half the price. When Ferah’s mother refused to sell him the gear, he picked her up and threw her. She died of internal bleeding overnight.