I was a zombie extra for a movie today! I’d never been undead before — not even for Halloween — so it was a lot of fun. Scary fun.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Dead Gentlemen Productions are producing a (secret) zombie film project with Rennie Araucto of Good Hair Productions. I signed an NDA, so I can’t say much. I will say, however, that this movie beats Cowboys vs. Aliens!

This was the Facebook invite: “Give us six hours of your time and we’ll put your undead face on the screen! We need 40 more zombies to pull this off and you could be one of them.

“This secret project for a major online network will be released in six weeks. You’ve always wanted to be on film… NOW’S your chance to be seen by millions!”

Jim linked me to it. We were undead together.

The theme of the shoot was Hurry Up and Wait. All of us extras were waiting at Base Camp off set for instructions on make up, costumes, blood and what to do in our scenes.

Extras helped extras finish their costumes and makeup. A zombie extra named Jason Hay asked for my “artistic” help cutting up his clothes, which was fun. (I researched How to Make a Zombie Costume on eHow, so I was qualified. lol.)

Then, get this: Jason’s looked so good that other extras asked me to cut their clothes for them too! There I was, scissors in hand, cutting and ripping clothes for an assembly line of zombies.

I was a street-clothes zombie in a shirt and jeans. A zombie extra I nicknamed Ohio — because he’s from Ohio — cut my shirt up for me. It was an I’ll-cut-yours-if-you-cut-mine trade off. lol. I asked Jim to cut up my jeans for me, though. He enjoyed that.

Our makeup ranged from ick to eww to totally gross. Makeup for the freshly undead zombies was done last. As in, last minute. I was a freshly undead zombie.

I felt so lucky: Eric Pope, organizer of the Seattle Zombie Walk, and also big in the Ren Fair (as Wotan! Fairie Smasher!) and Faeriecon did my zombie makeup. (Not only that, he knows Jim through the Ren Fair!)

When I sat down in front of Eric so that he could do my makeup, he looked at me and said: “You’re too pretty. I can’t do anything with this.” Aww.

After some “brainstorming,” though, he came up with this back story: My zombie was a very messy brain-eater. Blood was dripping all down my chin and neck. My eyes looked very “zombie,” if you know what I mean.

Eric thought that I should also have a bloody hand print smeared across my face like I’d been in a fight, but there was no time for it. Zombie extras were being called to the set.

Jim and I shot two scenes together. There was a third scene with extras in it, but they didn’t use us for it. We did a lot of slow shuffling and groaning in surprisingly not that many takes — which was actually good because it was very cold, very rainy and very muddy.

There was a lot of waiting, but the waiting was a lot of fun too. It was like we were all at a party where everybody was a stranger to everybody else. We played my game of Zombie Dice — it was too perfect (and ironic) that zombies were rolling dice to chase after victims, eat brains or get shot.

My favorite zombies at the shoot: Jason Hay, Casey Matteson (aka Ohio), Eric Pope, Bijua N (aka Bi) and George Fisher. I also liked our “zombie wrangler” Rachel Araucto, Rennie’s sister.

Other highlights: Damon Vanhee, owner of Bandersnatch Studios — which does special makeup effects, prosthetics and props for film, print, video and more — was at the shoot! I used to work with him at the University Bookstore! I was stoked to see him. Absolutely stoked.

After the shoot, Jim and I stopped at Safeway and a worker there saw me and said: “Are you OK?”

My shower was reminiscent of the scene from Psycho with all of the blood that I washed off.

I’m now signed up to be a zombie extra again for JourneyQuest. Too cool!