If we ever married, we’d get to share a wonderful how-we-met story:

We were both in Sociology 101 at Everett Community College. I was trekking it up the hill — that godforsaken hill — from the Broadway Center to the main campus, when I saw you. The back of you.

Something in me told me I needed to meet you.

Day 1: You were nearly up the hill. Me? At the bottom of it. I knew if I sped up, I’d probably catch up to you and then desperately need to catch my breath. I imagined what would happen: “Hi (gasp, gasp), my name is (gasp, gasp) Sara.” I sped up anyway.

I didn’t catch up to you. The gap between us was definitely smaller, but I wasn’t able to catch up to you. However, I did at least catch your eye. You turned to look at me at least three times while I was booking it up the hill to you.

I was both ecstatic and embarrassed by this. Maybe you knew I was after you and not my next class, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were wondering what all that gasping was.

But when you turned to look at me, it was confirmed: You are as beautiful from the front as you are from the back. God damn beautiful.

Day 2: It happened again. I don’t know how, but it happened again. You were at the top of the hill, I was at the bottom. Curses! Sara, you need to pack up after Sociology faster! Again, I sped up but to no avail. Again, you looked back at me.

I told myself I wouldn’t let it happen again.

Day 3: I packed up after Sociology as fast as I could. I paced myself as we all herded out of the classroom and through the hallway so that you and I met at the door of the BRC. Instead of going for the hill, you hesitated at the door and said Hi.

You beat me to it.

OMG, he knows! He knows I was chasing after him! Lots of smiling.

We chatted our way up the hill. I remember it was about the weather, at least in the beginning. The weather! Of all topics! But you initiated the conversation, you were at my side. I was very happy. We were soon off weather and on to bigger and better topics.

At the top of the hill, we went our separate ways. Smiling to myself, I wondered if I’d catch you before you left Sociology the next day.

Day 4: We met at the door again.

And almost every day after that. We even sat next to each other in Sociology every day after that, too.