A customer used the telephone for a courtesy call, then, seconds later, his cell phone rang. He answered it. What?

Interesting characters in the store today: One customer was wearing two sweaters, identical in pattern but different in color. He must have gotten hot, because he tied one of them around his waist. Question: Who wears two (matching) sweaters? Answer: He does. Another customer was dressed like the vampire in Twilight. He had the dark cloak with the popped collar, the hair and a swooping walk.

I just answered three questions in a row, one right after the other. Customers formed a line! It was boom, boom, boom. Awesome.

I think we should get a Magic 8 ball. I’ve had too many customers ask me jokingly about whether I’m psychic. Instant retort!

An employee from the Bellevue branch called the switchboard and told me she was transferring a call from Bellevue. I said OK. Then she hung up. I waited on the line to see what would happen. I mean, I’ve never had anybody say “I’m transferring a call – here you go!” It was confusing. Nobody said anything on the line. I don’t think Ms. Bellevue knew what she was doing.