A woman who works across the street from us asked if there was a payphone in the store she could use. I said that there wasn’t, but that she could use our phone for a courtesy call. She thanked me several times, saying she didn’t want to use the payphone across the street because she doesn’t trust the Ave rats that hang around over there. She was so thankful, she gave me her 50 cents she had planned to use for her phone call as a tip.

I don’t really know what to do with the money. We’re not allowed to take tips, are we? I might just put it in the tip jar in the cafe.

Interesting comments:

Customer A: “I’d like a hotel room and a limousine for the weekend. Do you get a lot of that?”

B: “Do you know where your latrine is?”

C: (Accompanied with the expected theatrics) “Oh, blessed yet cursed are the freedoms and restraints of democracy! If it weren’t for the freedoms and restraints of democracy of this fine country, when I saw a beautiful woman, I would clasp her to my breast and say, ‘Will you be mine?’ … I’m not crazy, I’m just glad to be done with my chores for the day. I’m going to go home and do a bit of reading.”

D: “Have you seen our wives around? Short? No?”