Sometimes I read the missed connections on  These are my favorites from yesterday’s postings:

Hot air balloon festival last Saturday – m4w – 34 (Kitsap)

I was in the yellow and red balloon, and you were in the blue and red balloon.  We made brief eye contact as we floated past each other.  I was trying to show off by juggling the weighted sandbags and accidentally released all of them.  I ended up in Idaho this morning after finally coming down.  When I get back, would you like to get a cup of coffee?  I promise, no more juggling.

Baltic Room this morning – m4w – 34 (Capitol Hill)

You gave me fruit snacks and a smile.

358 Metro bus last week – m4w

You had medium-length straight dark brown hair, glasses, a black jacket/coat, and were reading.  We made eye contact a few times, even though I tried out of respect to not be one of those men who stare at women on buses.  But your equal-parts wise, bemused, and ever-so-slightly tired expression captivated me.

On the bus – m4w – 22 (Seattle)

We both got on in the bus tunnel at the International District.  We were both wearing headphones, sitting across from each other.  Every time our eyes would meet, we would both smile and look away.  I wanted to say hi, but I thought that our headphones would hinder any conversation.  Want to grab coffee sometime?

Rattlesnake Ledge – m4w – 23 (North Bend)

You three ladies (two blondes and a brunette) were going up when my friend and I were coming down.  We made eye contact, said hi and continued on.

You really have no idea how hard it is to meet girls who like to hike (attractive ones, not the Granola type who don’t bathe or shave).  I was quite unprepared and out of my element, or I would have tried a line like: “Hey, mind taking a photo of me and my friend in front of this amazing Oregon grape?” Then we could have chatted and hiked together off into the wilderness.

Mt. Si sometime?

Biology class.  Your red hair, wild fantasies – m4w (UW)

We’re in the same biology class.  I try to think about molecules, but my thoughts get tangled up in thousands of curly, lemon-scented locks.  I try to think of everything I love about you, but you have too many freckles to compliment individually.

It doesn’t help that everything you say seems to resonate with a deep, unique understanding of the world.