I accidentally told a customer looking to buy a calculator that they were located in Supplies. He did one of those walk-by-and-call-out-a-question-four-feet-away things, so I didn’t get the chance to redirect him.

The second the words “downstairs, in Supplies” left my mouth, I thought: No! Calculators are upstairs! But I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to quick catch him on the stairs, but I also didn’t want to risk leaving the desk. With so many things to lock up, it’s like I’m chained to it. And even if I did go searching for him, would I find him?

I waited for him to pass the desk again, so I could apologize for sending him on a wild goose chase, but he avoided me from then on out. Gosh. Sometimes it’s better when customers make it a point to tell you you were wrong.

Update: Apparently, calculators can be found both upstairs and downstairs. Another customer asking for calculators let me know. I better investigate.