I wish I’d known about this blog sooner. This is only my second week working at You-Know-Where, and I’ve already got lots and lots of stories. Mostly, they’re about my inability to inform customers when it’s my job to inform customers. No laughing at customers — the joke’s on me, guys!

I find myself saying “I’m not sure, let me check for you” more than I’d like. I just need to remind myself that the telephone is my friend. I’ve compiled my own FAQ list for the store — sort of adding the answers to (strange) questions as I learn them — but it doesn’t help much. Customers have the knack of asking the questions nobody’s asked me yet. Oh, wait: I stand corrected. A second man just asked me if the store carries legal documents. That was strange question number one.

Something interesting: The most-requested book today is Weather of the Pacific Northwest by UW professor Cliff Mass.