Stephen and I ended our relationship.

He and I never really clicked.  Never reached best-friend status.  We’re too different, I guess.

Our enthusiasm for each other carried us at first.  Things were effortless.  Effortless and wonderful.  But relationships aren’t effortless; they aren’t easy.  Consciously or subconsciously, however, I think Stephen wanted it to be that way.  And when that enthusiasm petered out, I couldn’t carry us both.  Though, I did try.

Stephen and I talked ourselves into circles.  We disagreed on a handful of things — mainly from a lack of understanding — but we did agree on this:  that I was a good girlfriend, that he was a flake, and that it simply wasn’t meant to be.

I’m not bitter.  I’ll think fondly of the last six months.  I’ll never forget Stephen Michael Williams, my first (official) boyfriend.  I’ll never forget our first date or our first kiss.  Never.  And July 4 will be remembered as a special day, with or without fireworks.

Thank you for everything, Stephen.