I hate Comic Sans. But that Calibri font is pretty nice. I agree with Jay: Someday Calibri will replace Times New Roman as the standard font for academic writing. A revolution! Maybe it already has begun. Microsoft Office Word 2007 is paving the way.

Why does something so easy have to be so hard? Well, I guess it isn’t so easy. Maybe it’s never easy.

Scars are the road map to the soul.

In late July I heard through the grapevine that the Bellingham Herald, a 25,000-circulation McClatchy daily newspaper, had an unanticipated opening for a designer/copy editor. According to the job description, the designer/copy editor would work primarily with the news department’s bi-monthly glossy magazine and tabloid publications, but would still work some copy desk shifts as needed. I thought, I can do that. I applied almost immediately.

The application deadline was August 1. I waited about two weeks. Didn’t hear anything. I called. Reluctantly, I left a voice message. I waited about two more weeks. It feels like an eternity. Finally, today, I get an e-mail telling me the position was filled. Finally.

I won’t be moving to Bellingham to live with my sister. I won’t be sharing a three-bedroom apartment with her and her friend Patty. And I won’t be living just four miles away from work. But that’s fine. I don’t care. Other, better opportunities will come my way.

I’m just really going to miss my sister.

I don’t like being cut —

There’s kids playin’ guns in the street | and one’s pointin’ his tree branch at me | So I put my hands up, and say “Enough is enough | If you walk away, I’ll walk away” | And he shot me dead

I want to be your little woman.
I graduated from the UW this month and celebrated with a three-day trip to Las Vegas. Something cool: Planet Hollywood upgraded us to a Steve McQueen-themed suite for no extra charge because the hotel overbooked its rooms. I didn’t have any luck gambling, but I’d say that was pretty lucky.

Kiss me there and there and there.

Funny thing: Ever since that trip to Las Vegas I’ve wanted to play Blackjack. And when I say ‘play’ I mean study it. I’ve got the gist of what hitting, standing, splitting, doubling down, etc. is. Sure, that’s pretty straightfoward. It’s memorizing the basic strategy chart that’s difficult. I’ve made myself some flashcards, so that should help. What’s amazing is that when the basic strategy of Blackjack — based on the mathematics of the game — is used correctly, it reduces the House edge to one-half of a percent. That’s the absolute minimum!

— off when I’m trying to talk. Give me a turn.

Honey. I would like to be called ‘honey.’ I’ve been thinking about terms of endearment lately. (Honestly, it pops into my mind every-so-often on account of I am a girl. Just check past blogs.) From the long list of terms of endearment — new and old — I think ‘honey’ fits me best. Not ‘hun,’ mind you. The shortened form has always sounded condescending to me.

Everybody lectures me. I’m getting more than a little sick of it.

I will never give up on me. Never, ever.