I walked past a guy– who happened to be talking to a couple of girls– and heard the tail end of their conversation. He said to them, “So remember: Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.” Whoa. That’s not the way to get the ladies.

Just a reminder for all those sidewalk-walkers at the UW campus: Stay to the right. I walk on my right side, and you walk your right side. We’re both on the right side, and yet we don’t walk into each other. It’s a beautiful system.

I learned that ancient Athenians had a special court of law, called the Prytaneum, in which inanimate objects were tried for murder. What. The. Heck.

The thing I love about lyrics is that sometimes they’re so much more than lyrics.

Damn it. Things would be so much easier if I were asexual. Don’t want it, don’t need it.

“Women like looking at a view. Men don’t.” -Mr. Emerson, from the 1985 film A Room With A View