I don’t know what I’d do without you. I just don’t.

It’s official: I finally have my drivers license! I passed with a score of 94 on my second take. I’d waited long for it, and now it’s a reality. I’m filled with such utter relief and happiness– you don’t even know. It’s a wonderful feeling. I did it, I did it, I did it! When the woman told me I passed, my eyes welled up with tears. I’ll remember this day as one of the most important days of my life. Well, at least as one of the most important days of my life so far. (lol. Imagine that. I managed to get a little bit of Homer Simpson in my blog.)

“No more tears.” – Ozzy Osborne

It seems a bit silly, but I think what I need– more than anything sometimes– is to know that I’m your favorite. Someone’s favorite. Or at least to feel like I’m your favorite; to be treated like a favorite. Because, you’re my favorite. And I won’t let you forget it.

“That’s what she said.” I swear, this is the most versitale phrase in the book. It’s akin to slapping the words ‘in bed’ to the end of a line inside a fortune cookie. It pretty much always works. What’s more: I don’t know how, but almost every little innocent thing that comes out of my mouth can be immediately followed by “that’s what she said.” It’s unbelievable! (Yes, it has been done. Oh, has it been done. Perverts. lol.)

And then you called me ‘honey.’

I happen to be attracted to pleasing voices. Voice is important to me, mainly because sound is important to me. My list of individuals with rather appealing, soothing, or sexy voices includes: Kevin Costner, Elvis Presley, John Cusack, and Chris Isaak. I would put Jonny Lang on the list, but I’m only in love with his singing voice.

I’ve always known it, but now I know why: I can better express myself by writing. Give me a chance to be open and honest, to be clear-minded, or unabashed, and I will choose the pen over speech. I have a voice– a strong voice at that– but journals and blogs suit me best. I choose the pen because it makes me feel like I can say anything. I tend to restrain myself in day-to-day conversations, but when I put my pen to paper (or when I set my fingers to the keyboard), that self-restraint vanishes. I can be free. I can swim from the shallow end of the pool to the deep. And I can dive down, down, down. As far down as I want to go.

I love it when, unexpectedly, I discover or even re-discover an aquaintance of mine. Suddenly, that two-dimensional someone transforms and becomes a three-dimensional, highly-regarded individual. Sure, I’d acknowledged him or her in the past. With a discovery, however, it changes: Now I’m intrigued. The more I look for, the more I see, the more I look for. (Percy, anyone?) I wish those happened more often.

Update: Sara is juggling more than is necessary. Still.