I’m a puzzle piece. I’m a puzzle piece, just trying to fit. To find my niche; my place; my function. Simply where I belong. Harmony, too. Yeah, harmony.

Over the years I’ve been bent, ripped, and taped back together. I’ve been spilled on and soggy. Maybe even glued.

I’ve been lost and found. I’ve been misplaced over and over again. I’m not even sure I’m in my original box anymore.

It’s disheartening. It’s confusing. It’s hard. I’m filled with uncertainty; doubt; feelings of ambiguity. Of course, I am a puzzle piece. It’s almost a given.

But I’m a strong little puzzle piece. I won’t give up. I’ll find my way back. I’ll find my way, I’ll find those companion puzzle pieces I’ve been endlessly searching for, and I’ll finally be a part of something. A part of that bigger picture. Of that completed puzzle.

And I’ll finally feel complete.