Sometimes you make me feel so happy I could burst out laughing. Heck, sometimes I do.

Audrey Hepburn is lovely. Kelsey and I watched “Wait Until Dark” at the grandparents’ house. Audrey plays a blind woman named Susie. I thought it was pretty darn good. Especially for a film that was made in the late 1960s. It’s somewhat of a thriller, and some parts get pretty tense. Watch out for Mr. Roat in the end! I screamed.

I had a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning. God, it was good. I’ve talked to others who say they opt to have pumpkin pie instead of a cake on their birthdays. Maybe I should start doing that. I do love pumpkin pie. It’s the best part of Thanksgiving!

Do you love me?

I understand you’re busy. I understand you might not have time to carry on a conversation. But I’m not asking for a conversation. I’d be just fine with a quick hello. Something simple; just enough for me to know you think of me from time to time. You could say: “Hey, Sara! I can’t talk right now, but I thought I’d say hi.” That’s all.

I love it when you get all philisophical. “Philisophical” is fun to say. Maybe it should be one of my favorite words. lol.

Jonny Lang is coming to the Paramount in Seattle on October 14! I’m extremely excited for the concert. I’ve got to go. I must. It’s been a little over two years since I’ve seen him. I’m ordering two tickets as soon as they go on sale. Contact me if you’re interested in going. I already mentioned the concert to Joseph, but he’s not responding. Hello? It’s Jonny Lang!

Let’s go to “Shari’s” and sit in a booth together. We’ll order hot chocolates with whipped cream and sprinkles, and talk for hours.

I should really start that “Mountains Beyond Mountains” book. I got it at that UW Orientation thingy. It’s for all of the new students, and I guess anyone else who wants to read it. The idea is that I’ll meet other students on campus and start conversations about the book. I’m just glad to know how my $250 entrance fee is being used. And, who knows: Maybe it’ll be a good read.

Casey! Please send me camping pictures. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Imagine if humans didn’t need to sleep, and instead only required food for energy. Technology would probably be more advanced, because of all the extra hours a day not being used for sleep. Being overweight would probably be a more serious issue, even than it is now. And with hightened obesity problems comes increased hunger. They go hand-in-hand. I think it’s important for humanity to be able to dream, too. Just think how stressful, demanding and unimaginative life would seem without sleep and dreams. Hmm.

I think dahias are my new favorite flower. They come in every size and color imaginable. Of course, I still love daffodils.