I was at the top of one of the Twin Towers, and I was either playing a game similar to “The Amazing Race” or I was actually fighting for my life, but whichever it was, I needed to get out of the building as fast as I could.

Three other friends (or my teammates) went along. I seem to remember some kind of host telling me options and time limits. I could choose to either use the stairs or the elevator. Even though I knew using the elevator was risky, I decided I had a better chance of getting out alive. I hopped in, pushed the button to close the door, and started my descend. The elevator shook violently, and sometimes even paused.

I decided to get off at the next floor and try the stairs. I caught up with my other teammates on the lower floor. We ran for the stairs. I was leaping down them, running as fast I could. When I got to the ground level I saw broken glass and crumbling concrete everywhere. I ran out the doors, dodging as the building fell around me. It felt like I was running away from the Leaning Tower of Pisa as it slowly fell in the direction I was going. I made it to the edge of a river, a safe zone, and waded to the other side. I watched, with others, as the tower fell.

The strangest thing about this dream, though, was the fact that my mind replayed it two more times, right after the other. Sort of like a reaccuring dream, but with hardly a time lapse. I dreamt the same thing again, but I was free to make decisions as though it were happening for the first time. Each time I made it out of the building. The rushing became routine, but no matter what, I was frightened, panicked, and needed to find the fastest way out of the falling building.