Never speak to me about drivers’ licenses or boyfriends. Unless you plan to be part of the solution. I already know I don’t fill society’s expectations of a 20-year-old. Don’t remind me. Please and thank you.

Question: What did one leaf say to the other?

I don’t know what to do about you. I just don’t. I’m about as indecisive as you. This is not good.

Grandpa is going to teach my sister and I how to play Classical guitar. He bought a guitar, tuning fork, and foot stools for us. He also gave us an older 3/4 size guitar to use. Regular lessons are scheduled to begin as soon as Kelsey gets out of school. So exciting! We are forbidden to use an electric tuner, and are not allowed to learn chords. Just yet, anyway. He wants us to learn Classical first. Kevin? You know I’m looking at you.

I am such a hypocrite. Ha ha. You know, “hypocrite” is one of my favorite words. Along with “coincidence” and something else. I forget what it was. Let me think.

I love my new black 30 GB iPod. Music, music, music! Oh, and movies! I had it engraved. It says: Even time can do good things to you. -The Shins

Every-so-often I’ll get a craving for curly fries. Like this afternoon: Sarah and I went to Arby’s for lunch. I had a roast beef sandwich and curly fries. It was quite satisfying. Well, as much as fast food can be satisfying.

Hey, I’ll tell you what’s really satisfying. Nevermind. lol. I’m so bad. (No, not really.)

Simultaneous! My other favorite word is “simultaneous.” I remember now.

Answer: I’m falling for you! (Ah, Laffy Taffy jokes.)

I watched “Sleeping Beauty” tonight. It’s that 1987 version by Golan-Globus Productions. My aunt Amy taped it for my sister and I a long time ago. I guess it was pretty “ill-received,” along with all of the other fairy tales made into motion pictures in the 80s. Hmm. Well, I sure liked it! (And, it was a musical. Imagine that.) I used to pretend I was Princess Rosebud. When I was in kindergarten I’d wear my lacey purple dress, carry around a white tissue, and slowly walk down stairs at recess.

“In the corner / round the bend / oh, won’t this night ever end? / In that room / a mysterious light / Is an evil ghost in there tonight? / But what is there? / I’ve got to see / I’m scared of what it might do to me / Do gremlins come in here each night and prowl around until the morning light? / Scare me / the darkness of the night is out to scare me / Scare me / But something I can’t fight just wants to dare me / dare me”

I miss you, Lauren.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t already know: I was accepted to the University of Washington- Seattle. Finally! I was getting antsy. Now I can tell people I’m transfering to the UW with some certainty in my voice.

Let’s go to the zoo!