Isn’t it strange how if you’re attracted to someone, you basically crave their germs?

Someone lost a black tennis shoe on 164th St. Hmm.

I picked up my first paycheck today! It was quite exciting. This is independence; this is responsibility. I love it.

Creamed corn is disgustingly creamy.

I volunteered again at the Sea Mar Community Heath Center in Marysville. I’m participating in the Reach Out and Read program. The program was established to help introduce low-income family children to reading. It feels good to make a difference. I was able to read to seven kids in three hours this afternoon. Seven! Last time I read to just three kids in two hours. I did so much reading, I thought I was going to lose my voice. Ha ha. That would have been interesting.

You’re cute, I’m cute. We should be cute together.

I’m going to Career Day at The Seattle Times tomorrow. Yes, you read correctly: I am skipping my classes. Journalism comes first. Ha ha. Actually, the majority of the Clipper Crew is going. Which is the best part! I love my journalism family. Plus, I’ll get to go to a couple of seminars and learn about where to find the best story ideas and how to write great headlines. Very important. Copy editors write headlines, you know.

¡Besame! Just trying out some new Spanish vocabulary. Maybe.

Some guy on the bus was singing along to music from his headphones. It was extremely annoying. He sounded like a dying cat. No joke. I had the strongest urge to tell him in my best Simon Cowel impersonation: “If I’m being honest, your singing is absolutely horrid. You sound like a miserable, dying cat.”

I want pumpkin pie. I want Cheezits. I want chocolate graham crackers.

Oh, and it’s: ¿Le puedo leer a tú hijo? Not: ¿Se puedo leer a tú hijo? Roughly translated, I made the mistake of asking a woman if I could read her face to her son. oops.

“The Da Vinci Code” comes to theatres May 19! I don’t know about you, Kevin, but I can’t wait. Tom Hanks better not disappoint. I’m a little skeptical of him playing Robert Langdon.