Sometimes I feel like I need a Time Machine. But, only sometimes.

Egg rolls are pretty tasty.

I’ll be your honey bunches if you’ll be mine.

I feel dissatisfied. It doesn’t make much sense: For the past few days I’ve been nothing but thankful and satisfied, and should only be thankful and satisfied. But, it feels hollow and achy inside my chest. I just can’t seem to shake it. I don’t know what to do.

I miss Vonna.

I’m stuck to you like glue, and it would be nice if you were stuck to me too.

Sarah and I walked to the park this afternoon. I wanted to play on the swings. Swinging brings back so many good memories. If only I could go swinging every day; if only I could be like a child and be carefree every day.


Aunty Doris has breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy not too long ago. But, it didn’t get rid of everything. Her doctors decided to check the lymphnodes under her arms, too. They found more cancer. She’ll have another surgery to remove those in a few months. What’s scary is the fact that things could potentially turn into ovarian cancer or bone cancer.

Because you love me, I am learning to love me too. Thank you.

I’ve decided I will apply for The Clipper copy editor position next quarter. It will be a good experience. Perfect for the resume. The getting paid part isn’t so bad either.

I’m not so sure about the summer internship at The Enterprise, though. Grandpa mentioned taking a six day trip to California over the summer, to visit Doris and the rest of the family. It would be just Grandpa, Grandma, Kelsey, and me. I think I need to do that.

Metaphors are lovely. So are similies, but I think I like metaphors the best.