Yesterday a woman gave me a pair of gloves. I was sitting out in the cold, and she came up to me. She said, “You look cold.” I said that, yes, I was. Then she gave me her gloves. She told me to keep them. I felt strange taking a pair of gloves from a stranger, but I did need gloves. It was refreshing, really. It’s not every day that I witness a random act of kindness like that. Afterwards, I kept thinking “She gave gloves! She gave me gloves! How nice.” It made me want to do something special for another person– give a gift for no specific reason at all. Because you can find true happiness in giving to others.

I like VAST. Thank you, Tom.

I lent one of my notebooks to a guy on the bus this morning. He said he needed something hard to write on. As soon as I did it, I regretted it. Once I got to class, I flipped through the pages. I was certain he had left some kind of note in it for me– call it instinct. At first I didn’t see anything but a few indents on the cover; a few numbers, times, and other odd scribbles. Then I checked again and saw black ink in the corner of one of the pages. It read: “You can’t fuck a goat. Fuckin bitches. Fuck you.” There was something else written there too, but I couldn’t make it out. What a cuck.

You know, I think I’m too friendly for my own good. I can’t help it. Someone asks for a favor, and it tugs at me.

Ha ha. Mmm. Remember the time we made out in the Womens restroom? Well, you know what I mean. 😉 Don’t know what made me think of that.

I use commas way too much. Ha ha. Oh, well.

Sarah and I posed for pictures with a palm tree. Heehee. We rock.

I smell like french fries.

It was nice running into you this afternoon. Too bad my mind went blank, and I couldn’t think of much to say. I giggled to fill in the silences. Ha ha. I guess you’ve just got that kind of affect on me.

“You’ve got this strange affect on me, and I like it.”

I’ve been collecting cute quotes from my journalism instructor. You know, just for fun. Here’s a taste: “Build your journalism muscle.” “It’s like coaxing a ghost out of a box.” “I like those chewy issues of ethics– you’ve just got to get in there and chew on them.”

I’m a nerd.