I love my haircut. Now, everyday is a good hair day. Even when its raining and I have to wear a hood, resulting in a little something I like to call “hood hair.” It doesn’t matter. I still look good.

I think I’ll make a pretty good mother. Throughout the years, I’ve learned how to communicate with children. That’s key.

You know who will make a wonderful mother? Vonna. Vonna will be wonderful.

The cousins? Oh, they’re as immature as ever. It’s possibly even worse now that they’re drinking alcohol, fighting, yelling, swearing, rude, lazy and pregnant.

I like Kaleb, though. I like Kaleb so much that I love him. He’s such a sweet kid. And, to think: I held him the day he was born. Time goes by fast.

Thinking of you.

When it comes to guys, I’m completely lost. And, sometimes I don’t want to be found. I need to be found.

I’ve had the silliest songs stuck in my head these days. Yesterday it was “Locomotion.” I accidentally started singing it out loud. I stopped after some guy looked at me funny, and I realized what I was doing. Today it was “Juan Paco Pedro De La Mar.” That’s all I know of the song, too. lol.

So, we all know Bob Marley is the best, but UB40 does some pretty good reggae too. However, I will say that falsetto and reggae don’t mix. Just skip that song.

I think I’ve got a pretty bracelet fetish and a pretty underwear fetish. Wait, what’s a fetish?

“Goodnight Moon” is the best children’s book ever. I loved looking for the mouse on each page when I was younger.

I take that back: I think “The Giving Tree” is my favorite children’s book.

“But I can’t help falling in love with you.” Ah, love songs.

When I fall in love..

That’s all I got.