My bathroom smells like grape Koolaid. It makes me happy.

Me fascinas.

(425) 205-1693 Does it work yet? I’m getting tired of this.

I procrastinate. Oh, do I procrastinate.

About that procrastination? I didn’t turn in my UW Application yesterday. I’ve decided I’ll finish the written part on Friday and turn it in before the ABSOLUTE online deadline of February 20.

I’m listening to Coldplay right now. Thank you, Chris Martin!

I have exactly two weeks until my family and I go to Arizona. Don’t ask me where in Arizona. None of the cities want to be remembered. We’re staying for four days. It’s for my grandparents’ 50th aniversary party. I haven’t seen my mom’s side of the family for two years; since we went to Nebraska for my graduation party. I hope I have a good time, despite the cousins.

My cousin Derek is already going bald. That’s strange. He’s only about a year and a half older than me.

You know what? Oh, never mind.

I’m addicted to Smarties. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Flavored sugar.

Watch “Amelie” with me. It is oh-so-beautiful, if a movie can be beautiful.

I think you’re beautiful. You already know that, though.

I’ve decided I’m not that bad looking, myself. I like my eyes, my smile, my lips, my hair, my neck, my hands, and my ass.

I had a dream once that you grabbed my ass. So, I grabbed yours. lol.

Yeah, I’m weird. I like it that way.

I’m not that busy right now, but I love the little face. So cute!