So, this might be fun:

Turn on..

A beautiful smile. Handsome hands. Nice arms. Nice hair. Well-groomed. Pleasing laugh. Has personality. Has style. Loving. Caring. Kind. Intelligent. Responsible. Respectful. Ambitious. Optimistic. Romantic. Independant, yet dependant. Plays an instrument. (Added plus if it’s the guitar or percussion.) Likes to sing. (Added plus if he’s really good.) Can’t live without music. Has an appreciation for art. Loves to read. Loyal. Truthful. Thoughtful. Creative. Supportive. Understanding. Enjoys new experiences. Open-minded. Aesthetical. Affectionate. Has a good social status. Keeps meaningful relationships. Has an accent. (Added plus if it’s British, Austrailian, or South African.) Friendly. Converses well. Lives for a good discussion. Will play and be silly. Can be spontaneous. Opinionated. Original. Takes care of his body. Speaks another language. Posesses Ness. Charming. Curious. Will dress up. Trustworthy.

Turn off..

Mustaches. Drugs. Cigarette smokers. Ignorace. Piercings. Tattoos. Stupid haircuts. Pokemon. Immaturity. Cockiness. Carelessness. Impaitence. Creepiness. Spitters. Guys who argue just to argue. Too much profanity. Flakes. Guys who don’t smile in pictures.

Yeah, I guess I had fun.