I have a question: How well can you really know another person?

I mean, I guess there are the basic little facts you can memorize about a person: Favorite food.. ice cream. Favorite color.. red. Favorite music.. rock. Favorite animal.. fish. Favorite word.. hypocrite. But, that’s not really knowing a person. Is it?

I think things get a little better when you’re talking about family (although it also depends on how close you are to your family members) and people who bascially are like family. With them, you live and grow older along-side the said person and get accustomed to his or her moods, habits, mannerisms, etc. But, is that really knowing a person either?

The more I think about it, the more I feel like the only person you can ever really know is yourself. And, for me, that’s still a work in progress. Somedays I’ll do a little self-discovery. Like, one day I was organizing some shelves in the garage and got to thinking about how much I prefer quality over quanity, and how I need security, organization, structure, and logic in my life. It felt good to come to that realization and sort of define myself and my personality. To know my personality. To know myself.

Maybe it’s all a psychological thing. I remember learning about things like this when I took psychology. Why humans act and think the way they do. It makes sense, too, because I’m the only one that can really get inside my head. Well, unless you’re a shrink or something. Although, I really wouldn’t know.

I guess, to rephrase the beginning question, what I’m really asking is: Is it possible for another person to fully understand who another person is? And, by “who” I mean by personality and, well, in any other psychological aspects.

I have a feeling rephrasing just made things more confusing.