I had a pretty cool dream last night. I’ve never had one like this before:

I was sitting in on a meeting for some anonymous corporation, when this woman decided to give me an assignment. She had a stack of papers that she divided in half, then gave one part to me. As far as I could tell it was a whole bunch of papers with interview questions on them. She told me to contact anyone I knew from different states. I was to get a good variety of answers.

So, I left the building, papers in hand, and got into my car. (Yeah, I had a car.) What was weird was I saw Susan Eylander driving away in the parking lot. Ha ha. Then I realized I shouldn’t be driving. Vonna showed up and drove me to her neighborhood.

We stopped on Bothell/ Everett Hwy. because there was something strange going on down the road. It looked like some sort of scene in “Godzilla” (not that I’ve seen “Godzilla”). These two guys came up to the car and I recognized them as being from the meeting. They told me their assignment was to come up with some kind of poster ad for the product. What product that was exactly, I do not know. So, as we were stopped I talked to them about poster ideas.

Then, things started getting really crazy. There was lots of death and destruction going on. I think I remember seeing fire, crumbling buildings, and zombie people. The zombie people were actually coming up to the car and trying to get in. They needed help getting away from the monster (if in fact there was a monster). They were very scary looking, though, because, hey, they were zombies, and I ended up just trying to roll up my window so they couldn’t stick their arms through and get in. That proved to be a very difficult task, (a.k.a. a struggle.. Luke!) but soon we were on our way again with the two guys from the meeting in the back seat.

Well, for some reason we were pulled over by the cops. The policemen had us all get out of the car and talk to them. Then, I was told that the two guys we were driving around with weren’t who we thought they were, but undercover cops! They put me in hand-cuffs and walked me down the street in shame. There were people lining up and down the street and I couldn’t even look them in the eye, I was so ashamed. The question was: what the heck did I do wrong? And, did it all have something to do with the mysterious product?

Now, don’t ask me how I did it, but I was able to lift my arms over my head, and, with the hand-cuffs out in front of me, work my way out of them. I ran down the neighborhood and into someone’s house. I just kept running and hiding and going to other houses. I was pretty surprised by my luck. I was able to stay away and trick the cops pretty easily. Then, I was stuck down in a basement with no way out. Or so I thought. There was a sliding window off on one side I knew I could get out of, if only I could be sneaky enough to get to it in time. I was hiding behind some boxes, waiting for the oportune moment, when all of a sudden an asian girl in all black came through the window. She was looking for me too. I stayed behind the boxes and watched her go into the house, just missing me.

Wow! She didn’t see me either! But, then I got this idea that maybe she was on my side. I got her attention and we both went out of the window quietly and safely. We ran down the sidewalk and hid behind a mailbox. On the street there was a lone car. The door was open, and inside I could see my dad. I was so happy to see him, and I wanted to talk to him and explain myself, but I knew that then wasn’t a good time. The girl told me to follow her inside another house. Once inside, I could see that the house was filled with other girls like the one I be-friended. They were all very interested in me. Specifically, to what kind of product I use on my hair. So, was that what this was all about? A hair product?

I played it cool and followed the girl up the stairs. We went into a bedroom and she shut the door. Two other people were already in the room. Once they saw me they started asking questions, but I didn’t know how to answer them. The girl understood that I didn’t know what was going on, and talked for me. She grabbed something from a backpack I had been wearing (though until then I didn’t know I had a backpack) and opened it up. I looked and saw a bunch of tubes of something sticky. Hair gel? What?

The girl told me that the cops were probably still looking for me and that I should leave as soon as possible. For all they knew, the cops could be coming up the stairs at that very moment. So, I left. I didn’t bother about asking about the product I had been carrying around. I found the house with the basement and went inside. I was planning on hiding there, for who knows how long.

But, wait. I heard someone else in the house. It was a guy, someone who looked very familiar, but as far as I knew was still a threat to my safety. I took him by surprise and slammed him against the wall, demanding to know who he was and what he was doing there. He said he saw the door open and wondered if I’d be inside, since I was on the news and everyone else was looking for me. “Wait, are you Kyle?” I asked. It was. Kyle Osborne. Of course you find your way into my dream. Ha ha. I eased up on my grip.

Then I woke up. Cool, huh? I was like some sort of accomplice for the sale of an illegal product (on the run) and I didn’t even know why.