I just got back from spending the day at Kristin’s cabin in Duvall. It’s right by Lake Joy. The lake is basically in their backyard. Very nice. Oh! And, there is some property right next to Kristin’s that may or may not be for sale soon. (Someone died!) I want to buy it. There’s nothing built on it yet, but there’s a dock! It’s my dock.

So, it was Kristin Asheim, Sarah Brent, Kevin Lysen, and myself. We stopped off at Subway on the way there to buy sandwiches. I didn’t buy anything, though, because I gots no money. I packed an awesome lunch, though, so it’s all good. Ha ha.

We ate our lunches out on the dock, which was very nice, indeed. It was such a nice day, with the sun and the breeze. The sun did come out! Whether or not it would today was quite questionable.

Swimming was fun. Kristin’s got this floating raft tied down a little ways out. We swam out to it using our noodles (or should I say kanoodles?) and then sat on it. But, that didn’t last too long. When there are four people on a raft and the water is warm, you don’t get to stay on. Oh, no. The raft starts to tip (either accidentally or because someone has it out for you) and you fall off. Unless you hold on really tight and scream. Yes, screaming is key. You’ve got to scream in order to stay on.

We played a little bumper pool, as well. First I played a game against Sarah (she won), and then we split into teams. Kristin was on my team, and Sarah and Kevin were the other team. Well, I didn’t win this time either. Even with Kristin’s help. ‘Twas still a fun game, though. Darn those bumpers!

After swimming and eating some more (mmm.. food) we sat down at the picnic table on their deck and played a few card games. We played Idiot, and then I taught them Swede. I did really well on this game, and I didn’t cheat, although they may claim I did if you ask them. In the first round I never got the can. (The can was worth 25 points. Which may or may not mean anything to you. Ha ha.) Bad thing happened, though: When I got up, part of the picnic table stuck to my pants. I had sat in something very, very sticky. Possibly sap. I had Kristin ice my butt. I don’t think it helped any. So, then I got a tiny piece of paper and stuck it to my pants. I didn’t want it getting anything else sticky.

After everyone went to the bathroom (because Kristin insisted we all at least try to go before we leave), we had a little game of tossing the pine cone back and forth to eachother. That little thing hurt your hands when you caught it. Then it turned into a pine cone war. Everyone against Kevin!

Ha ha. Oh my God. On the way back home we were being silly (okay, I was being silly) and trying to use up the film in my camera. We stopped at this one house with a Mystery Machine mailbox and took my picture with it. Then we saw some llamas, and I just had to have a picture with the llamas, so we did that too. Thanks guys! Oh, and we saw some deer. Three to be exact. I took their picture too.

And, the best part was: I had an absolute blast; an awesomely awesome time, and I didn’t get sunburned. Not one little bit. My extremely pale legs might even be a tad bit darker, too. Poor Kevin got sunburned, though. (Awww!) On his nose, on his arms, his neck, his back. Even with sunscreen on. I don’t get it. Hmm-de-hmm.