Hey! Remember when I said I made a list of all the card games I knew how to play? I know some of them are for the kiddies, but I still know how to play them! Here it is:

-Solitare -Hearts -Speed -California Speed -007 (James Bond) -The Swedish Card Game (Swede) -Idiot (Threes) -Golf -Rummy -Poker (Texas Hold ‘Em) -Go Fish-Old Maid -Double Solitare -War -Egyptian Rat Screw (Egyptian War) -21 (Black Jack) -Thirteen -Bullshit (BS) -Spoons -Slap Jack

And, at this time I’d like to shout out to my card playing friends (my guys): Joseph, Ben, Steve, and Tyler! Yes, I was the only female. Yes, I liked it that way. We’d play a few games every morning before our Pre-Calculus class. Those were some good times. Although, I don’t understand why Sarah didn’t join in. She was there just as early as us sometimes. Except on test days.. lol. (Okay, it happened once.) I don’t think Mr. Killingstad will ever forget that.