I went hiking up to Rattlesnake Ledge today. It was a three or four mile hike. I’m not exactly sure how long it was, because on the sign at the bottom it said two miles to the top, and at the top it said it was 1.5 miles. I’d never exactly gone hiking before. Just amateur stuff that I’d rather not count.

I’ve always liked walking on trails and exploring nature, so it was a fun experience. It was also a challenge. The hiking trail was steep and covered with rocks and tree roots that can easily trip you. I was breathing hard the whole time, and my heart was pounding, but it was good exercise. A definite workout for the legs. Let me tell you. ha ha. It was surprising how determined I was to keep going. It felt good.

When we finally reached the top, and I saw the view of Rattlesnake Lake from up above, it was all worth it. I sat up there for a while, just trying to take it all in. It felt good to sit down, too. I could have stayed up there for a half-hour just to sit. We stayed to listen to a woman tell us about the history of Rattlesnake Lake, which was nice.

Then came the hike down. It is so much easier to go down than up. Down hill all the way. Whenever we passed someone going up, sometimes already tired and sweaty and not even half-way there, I would think “sucker!” ha ha. I was just happy that the hard part was over and done with- for me.

At the very bottom, a table was set up with brochures and things about more hiking trails and how to save the salmon (they’re endangered, you know). We were looking at them, but then I look over and see a woman walking in the other direction who seems very, very familiar. I say to my mom, “Mom, that looks like Marjan. Doesn’t that look like Marjan?”

Marjan is my aunt, who happens to love hiking. She yells out to her, and sure enough, it was my aunt! I screamed and ran up to her to give her a hug. (That was fun. heehee.) It was so cool to run into her. I love her to death. She had been hiking the same trail around the same time, but had gone a bit further, and we just missed her. (So close.)

All in all, it was a great day. I was tired and hungry afterwards, but who wouldn’t be?