I learned about emotional intelligence in Psychology. It has absolutely nothing to do with your IQ. And it’s important to your health and success in life. Read on:

The Five Factors of Emotional Intelligence–

1. Self Awareness- It’s simply being aware of your own emotions. Be aware of your gut instinct and listen to it. Intuition should not be overlooked.

2. Handling Your Emotions- This means impulse control. If you can do it, that’s a very good thing.

3. Motivation- Motivation and optimism are highly coorelated. If you’re an optimistic person, that’s great. How do you self-talk?

4. Empathy- It’s sympathy with emotion. This is knowing how someone is feeling without them having to tell you, and you doing something about it.

5. Handling Emotions In Others- The ability to diffuse the emotions of others by first acknowledging their feelings and then having a conversation. As opposed to saying, “hey, it’s not my fault!”

I now realize that, although, in the past, when I have sometimes said that I am unaware of my emotions, it isn’t true. I am completely aware. There might not always be a simple reason, but it is there. (Except for when it’s PMS. That makes no sense.) Sometimes, though, it’s just easier to push them away and think I don’t understand why I feel the way I do.

And, empathy is a beautiful thing.

(I miss you.)