I just got back from a long walk. (Yay for the sunshine!) I went around my neighborhood for about a half-hour, decided to keep going, and walked through the back neighborhoods for another 30 minutes. Aren’t you proud of me? 60 minutes of exercise!

I don’t normally go through Mays Pond, but I thought I’d give it a try. I started off in the direction towards Rosie W.’s house (or at least in the direction I thought it was in). I’d been there once and wanted to see if I could find it again. Well, I couldn’t. At least I don’t think I did. Instead, I wandered around for a bit, trying not to get lost. It didn’t really work, though. Ha ha. But once I found the blackberry trails I was fine. I’ve been there enough, picking blackberries, etc. to know my way back. (Oh, now I want to make blackberry pie. So good.)

Maybe I’ll go outside again and read a book. Sit out on the patio in the backyard and start up on “The Man in the Iron Mask” by Alexandre Dumas. This will be my second attempt at reading it. I started it a couple of years ago, got to page 118 and lost interest. It’s a hard book to read. I mean, the first chapter is one never-ending conversation between Aramis and some Duchess. I wish I knew how to do French pronunciation, too. All of Dumas’s characters have french names that I end up butchering, for sure.

I’ll give it a try, though, because after I’m finally done with the book I want to watch the movie. (Over the weekend, maybe?) I just got the DVD in the mail. I sent in for it with some Kellogg’s Raisin Bran offer. Ha ha. I’m excited.