Okay, I love Sarah L. to death, but I could not, could not handle her sniffling throughout the test in Calculus today. She has had a cold for a while now, sniffles all the time. It was hard to concentrate on differentials and anti-derivatives when I heard her little nose noises every 2 seconds. No.  There wasn’t even that much time in between sniffles. I’d say every 1 1/2 seconds.

It got to the point where I thought about yelling out (well, not yelling) “Just let it run, already!” Ha ha. That would have been funny. Disruptive, mean but funny. I tried my best to ignore it, and I think it worked. I didn’t even notice it once I got to the third page. I wonder if it had any affect on my performance. I hope not. I finish the second half of the test on Monday. Joy.