A Health Fair was going on today in the EvCC Multipurpose room. Sarah L. and I decided to check it out. Hey, we had an hour in between classes. Hey, we could waste time if we wanted to.

So, we head over to the Cosmetology booths. I ended up getting my very first mini-manicure, my hair styled, and my eyebrows waxed for free. Oh, I had fun, I’ll tell you that.

I loved the manicure. I might have to start getting one more often, or actually just start getting one. Having pretty nails makes me feel pretty.

For my hair, I had picked out some really cool looking french braid thing, but the lady stared at the picture for a while, and then just suggested she try something of her own. I guess the braid was too hard for her. So, she began styling my hair, all the while using a blow-dryer on my dry hair. I was a little worried about that, but the end result was fabulous. I’ll just condition more tonight, or something.

Oh! And while I was getting my hair fixed a guy from The Clipper came over and took a picture of me for the paper and asked how to spell my name! I’m so excited! I hope they decide to put me in the next issue, and I hope I don’t have a weird expression on my face. That is totally possible, too: I was saying “What?” to Sarah when he took it (I think). Just picture that. Nice.

I was a little worried about getting my eyebrows waxed, not only because I never had before, but because the girl who did mine had really ugly eyebrows. Ha ha. I just made it really clear I wanted the most natural looking eyebrows she could possibly give me. And I think she did.

Ahh, it was all just so nice. I didn’t think I’d be one to like doing all of these girly things, but it feels good to be pampered. Especially when it’s free.

On a completely different note: Joe is the sexy. Of course, any details on this is for my eyes only.