A cat comes by our back door every-so-often. He just sits there and looks in at us, pleading to be let in. Sometimes he rolls around on the porch step as if to say “Come on, I’m really cute. Can’t you just pet me?” Well, he is cute. We named him Jeremiah after Jeremiah Johnson. Just for fun.

Last night I was getting my dinner plate and I saw an animal head looking into the house from the back door. I thought it was Jeremiah checking on us and was about to say “The cat’s still here?” when I realized it was not a cat. “Raccoon!”

So, my whole family got up from the table and went over to the window. There it was — a raccoon, all right. I’d never actually seen one in real life until now. It’s tail wasn’t all there; it was kind of stubby and there weren’t any stripes visible. We opened the door and watched it as it slowly walked through the backyard. Dad got the camera and started taking pictures of it and, strangely enough, it walked back toward us. It shook it’s head once, as if confused or dizzy by the constant flashing light of the camera.

Mom and Kelsey wanted to feed the thing. I told them that we really shouldn’t, but they got a corn muffin and threw pieces of it out into the grass. The raccoon ate a few pieces, but then decided it better leave. It probably got nervous because every time Mom would throw a piece of the muffin, it would land closer and closer to where we were standing.

The whole time I was thinking, “We shouldn’t be doing this. We’re intervening too much.” But we do have some pretty cute pictures. In one of them the raccoon has his tongue sticking out because he was eating the muffin. (Probably trying to choke the thing down because it was so dry. Ha ha.)

What was funny, though, was that Kelsey said “It’s Meeko!” (As in the raccoon from “Pocahontas.”) We had named the cat Meeko, but then decided to change it to Jeremiah. It’s a small irony, I think. (Weird coincidence, at least.)