So I was having one of those days today. I was in a bad mood; feeling under-appreciated, quite bored and very blah. And I didn’t think having to babysit tonight was going to make me feel any better. Well, I was wrong. Good thing, huh?

Even though the bunch of kids didn’t listen very well when jumping in the Bounce Around, and basically every safety precaution printed on the side of the thing was ignored — by the parents, mind you — it was nice.

There’s just something about giving high-fives through the netting, watching Caden and Amelia tackle each other, constantly pulling up Eddie’s pants because he desperately needs a belt, or getting a big hug from Ava because she’s happy to see me. Oh, and when Clare and Eddie get a kick out of my sister’s Eeyore impression. Ha ha. It was good. (Plus, I got a slice of pepperoni pizza and a fudge bar. Yum!)

By the end of the Christmas party — it was a Christmas party, by the way — I was feeling a lot happier. It’s nice to feel loved by little kids.