Yesterday, the Community Transit bus driver that usually takes me to the Mays Pond area told me that he was being moved to another schedule. He told me “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” and his “I’ll see ya when I see ya.” It seemed like he was saying goodbye forever. It was funny, because it’s not like I really know the guy.

I don’t know why, but he was always very kind to me. Saying hello, asking how I was, that sort of thing. He’d even drop me off at the end of the block instead of right at the bus stop so I wouldn’t have to walk as far home. Little did he know it didn’t really do much for me. I still had about 0.8 of a mile to go. Ha ha. Oh, well.

Today, when I was getting off the bus, I heard someone honk a couple of times. I look up as another bus is driving by. It was the kind bus driver, with his arm out the window, waving to me. I waved back, and then just burst out laughing. It’s nice to know there are people like him in society, but it was just hilarious. In a hilariously-nice way. Does this make sense? Ha ha.