I registered for Winter Quarter on Monday. I was sitting at the computer with my mouse ready to click “Register Now” as soon as the clock said 2 p.m. (my exact registration time). But, the clock on the computer must be fast because it wasn’t until 2:03 that it actually accepted my schedule.

I signed up for Chemistry 101 and English 102. I figured I’d try college level chemistry, and you know, try learning it from someone other than Mr. Hall. Surprisingly, though, I did end up learning some things in his class. He just disguised it all as a big, fluffy waste of my time. English 102 is titled “The Report Paper.” I chose to take the class with a Ms. Hill, who’s teaching theme is “Western Industrialization” (or something like that). It might be like a continuation of what I was writing about in my Percy and Percy/Pratt essays, and the basis of Limerick’s essay. That would be good.

I had also (really) wanted to take Math 152, the first of a series of Calculus classes, but only managed to become the fifth person on the waiting list (the last possible slot). But, I’ve already talked to Mr. Killingstad and he basically told me I’ll get into the class. I better. Grr.

It’s weird to be already thinking about next quarter, but I’m ready for it. It’ll be good to be done with Geology. I’m really going to miss Chelsey G., though. As far as I know, I won’t be seeing her because our new schedules are so different. Oh, poo.