My dad and I were looking through the hall closet and found a Brazil nut. A Brazil nut. Why the heck was it in there? How in the world? I just thought that was a little strange. Ha ha.

It reminds me of when I was little, and I would sit by the fireplace with a bowl of assorted nuts, at my grandparent’s house in Kansas, struggling to crack them open.

Hmm. I wonder if my comma placement in that last sentence was correct. Anyone? We’ve been working on elementary stuff like that in English 101. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I thought a College Writing class would be… different than this. Harder, at least. I know about sentence structure already. Most of it is just common sense. Don’t ask me to tell you what an adverb is, though. I don’t think I’ve ever known the true definition.

And now I have a craving for almonds. No. Cashews.