Last night I dreamt that I was serving cake at a party. I’m not sure if it was my birthday party, or even a birthday party at all, but I was given the task of serving the cake.

There were two cakes everyone could choose from: they could have the chocolate cake with the chocolate chips, or the white cake with vanilla icing. I had plenty of chocolate cake left to dish out, but no one wanted it when I asked. Everyone wanted the white.

At first I had been giving out fairly good sized pieces of the white cake, but then I realized there wouldn’t be enough for everyone, so I made the pieces smaller and smaller, until one “piece” was the bit of crumbs and frosting scraped off of the knife. Oops. I tried to even out everyone’s shares, but it didn’t seem to work. People were eating already, and I couldn’t take their plates away from them.

I asked around making sure everyone had a piece so I could dish up some of my own (I had wanted the white cake, too. Darn.) One guy said he didn’t have a piece yet. I offered the chocolate because there was still plenty of it, but he said he wanted the white cake. Ugh.

It seems like in the majority of my dreams I’m struggling to do something. And the task could be as difficult (and rather strange) as trying to escape from a group of witches by breaking their arms and running for my life, or as simple as cutting cake at a party. No matter what it is my mind turns it into a struggle, and I don’t know why.