Today I went to Everett Community College for the S.O.A.R. program. I took the Asset test, complete with a 25 minute writing, reading, and math section. I thought I did really good on the writing, really good on the reading, and (whoo boy) not so good on the math. I finished exactly half of the math section when the lady called “time.”

I had some free time before going to the Orientation/ Advising Period, so I walked around campus. I don’t think I’ll get lost at this school. Nope. I’m good. I headed over to the Cascade Range Cafe and bought a slice of pizza (very good, actually) and a carton of milk (gots-ta have my milk). I went outside to eat, because hey, it’s a nice day. But, I didn’t get to enjoy my lunch for long because a few bees decided to check out what I was eating. So I spent about five minutes shooing, dodging, and dancing around. There was a guy sitting outside by me, and I’m sure he thought I was crazy. Either that or a complete dork. Then I figured it wasn’t worth the hassle, and I went inside to finish up.

I found a few copies of the school newspaper, The Clipper, and read a few articles to pass the time. Some of them were pretty good. There was this one about the meaning of Easter. Something like “Chocolate Easter Bunnies vs. Jesus’s Death,” which reminded me of Christine and Emma’s counter-articles about Christmas.

With the help of a few advisers, I chose to work towards an Associate in Arts and Sciences – Option II degree (perfect for transferring). For Fall 2004-05 I’ll be taking Math 147 (I agreed to take Pre-Calculus again), and a “Writing on the Rocks” course which is both English 101 and Geology 101. (A really good find for me because regular English 101 was filled up.) Plus, the class gets to go on a field trip to Mount St. Helens!!

So, all-in-all I am very happy and very, very excited.