I went to Martha Lake today with Megan, Cherlyn, Darla, Marsha, and Ali. I’d never gone swimming there before. Kelsey warned me about the place, though. She said it was gross.

We had a picnic of fried chicken, fruit salad, and chips. I brought some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for desert. No, I didn’t make them. Kelsey did, and gave me a plate of them before I left. I had tried to make rice crispy bars last night, but something went wrong. I think I cooked the marshmallows for too long.

I went out into the water and swam around for a little bit. The water felt great on a day like today (wasn’t it something around 97 degrees out?), but that was the only good thing about it. The water was olive green, murky, and Megan kept saying the bottom of the lake was “squishy.”

I ended up seeing Jerod or Seth D. You know, the twins that graduated in 2003? I think it was Jerod.

For the rest of the time I played Spoons with Cherlyn, Darla, and occasionally Megan. I had to teach Cherlyn and Darla how to play. At first they didn’t understand that the game was all about speed, but I believe they did improve their game. That was fun.