I saw “Saved!” today with Vonna and Sammi. The movie had some good intentions, but the message ended up being really confusing. There were some cute parts, though. “Hey, I am full of God’s love!” Ha ha. We figured on a scale of good and bad it was on the good side of “meh.”

Then we headed over to Sammi’s to kill some time before Youth Group. We ended up playing badminton in her backyard for about an hour. Sammi called Matt have him be our fourth, and then Vonna and I hit the birdie around (or at least tried to) and managed to hit it back and forth seven times with out it falling to the ground. Beat that! When Matt arrived “Conan O’Brian” had started, so he missed out on the badminton.

Youth Group was wonderful as always. I saw some familiar faces from Vonna’s party. That was nice. Pastor Steve talked about whether or not we, as individuals, were being useful to God. It got me thinking, and I do want to be useful, but I don’t know exactly how. Vonna convinced me to become a regular on Wednesdays, so hopefully it works out.

After Youth Group everyone met up at Dairy Queen. Vonna and I ordered kids meals. The toys were these blow-up football and baseball characters with arms and legs. (Freaky if you ask me.) Sammi had fun beating Matt with one of them whenever he least expected it.

Sammi had the idea of going to a park after we were done eating so Vonna, Sammi, Matt, Carrie, RuthAnn and I went to this elementary school’s playground and tried out all the equipment. It’s really fun to go swinging in the dark. At one point I asked them all a hypothetical question: If you had to choose between being either blind or deaf, which would you choose and why? The discussion went on for a good 15 minutes, I’d say.

I can’t wait until next Wednesday.