Tonight I played in the last high school band concert I will ever play in. Every year the bands perform in the gym during Live Reflections. It’s always a special occasion to hand out awards and give farewells to the seniors. I don’t know why but I never thought about when it would be my turn. My turn to end and begin again.

Each band played two pieces, all chosen from the music we had performed in New York. I found myself getting lost in the music. It’s the only real way to appreciate the beauty and art of music. When I really listen the sound swells up inside of me and it feels as if raw emotion swirls around in the atmosphere.

Before the last Jazz band song, Mrs. Moffat handed out awards to inspiring and deserving juniors and seniors. The classes were the ones to nominate the students. I felt proud and happy for all of them.

Then Mrs. Moffat had all of the seniors line up in the front to be recognized. Kim and Janelle handed out personalized cards from Mrs. Moffat and a single rose to every band senior. I read the card and the letter addressed to all of the seniors as I listened to the last song of the night. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful of an experience band has been for me throughout the years (and of how good our Jazz band sounds). I’m really going to miss it.

Oh, and thank you Vonna for cheering me on. You make me smile.