Yesterday I went to the dentist. I have a new dentist now, because my mom wanted us all to have the same one. She changed hers so then we had to change ours. His name is Dr. Anderson. Nice guy, really.

I had to be given the anesthetic, so my whole left side of my face was numb. It was like I had a stroke or something. I couldn’t feel half of my tongue, half of my lip, etc. It was weird. I really like being able to feel my whole face. I really do. Why does your lip feel so fat when it’s numb?

So, I went to the dentist to get a gum flap lasered off. I guess I had some extra gum tissue that decided to overlap my back molar after I got my wisdom teeth out. It made flossing just a little bit difficult. I called it my “gum ball.” The dental assistant asked me right before the procedure, “You had a nickname for it didn’t you? Was it your bubblegum?” Ha ha. Close.

Then I had to have a sealant/filling thing put on to my top-left molar because they found an enamel defect in my tooth. They didn’t want me to get a cavity there so they sealed it up for me. Good thing, I guess.

Dr. Anderson told me the anesthetic would wear off in three hours. I waited for it to wear off, watching the clock. (Yeah, I did, because I hate the numbness. Yuck.) But, it didn’t wear off in three hours. It didn’t even wear off in four hours. Four and a half hours later I was my happy self again.

Oh, my dentist told me to take an aspirin right when I got home because I’d be in pain when the anesthetic wore off. I didn’t, and when I gained back all feeling, I had no pain. Maybe a slight soreness, but no pain. Huh.