I just got back from the broadway musical “Godspell.” Natasha invited girls from Maltby Christian Assemblies to the play because she has a part in it. I went with Vonna and Kara, and had a really good time. Because the play was really good. I mean really good.

“Godspell” is a musical based on passages from the Gospel of Matthew, that portrays Jesus from the perspective of His humanity. The play interpreted the passages into fun, entertaining, and heart-warming skits and songs. It was the junior addition of “Godspell,” put on by a cast of very talented teenagers. (Including Natasha, and as we found out, Casey too. Yay!)

Natasha did a wonderful job with her stories, Casey had a beautiful voice, and this guy Jacob (Jesus), who I guess goes to Northlake, was amazing. He did some tap dancing/ scarecrow bit that was hilarious. Yeah, they did an awesome job.

I still say my favorite part was…
SLAP. (pause.) “Hello? Oh, it’s for you. It’s your father.” Ha ha.