So, I come home and listen to the messages. One of them is from a guy asking to talk to a Nicholas Gosanko. Until today I had absolutely no idea who this guy is. I just figured he killed his family and then walked off the face of the Earth.

Actually, we’ve been getting phone calls for the Gosankos (including a Josh, and a Mary) for the past three years. Three years! How long does it take for people to realize that they’ve got the wrong number? We get their telemarketer calls on top of our own calls from telemarketers, and sometimes we’ll get calls from banks asking Josh to “please call back as soon as possible.” Interesting.

But this message was the most interesting of all. A Jet Jenkins (he said his name all hoity-toity) called for Nicholas and said, “I am your contact with the NRCC Business Advisory Council. Congressman Tom Reynolds asked me to invite you to the annual dinner with President Bush. And I also wanted to get your approval on a press release we want to send out.” He gave a number to call, too. 1-800-942-3665.

So, I guess this Nicholas guy is important. Important enough to eat dinner with the president and give approvals. Now I don’t know what to do. Should I call the number?