I just slammed my knuckle in a car door. No. The door actually closed on my knuckle, which makes me sound not so stupid, but I still feel like an idiot.

It hurt, but not too bad. Right now it kind of aches because I’m typing with the said “injured” finger and it feels warm when I try to bend it.

I said something like, “What did I do to myself?” Before my very eyes I saw the knuckle swell and bruise. It now looks like there’s a gray lump of extra skin on my finger. And there’s a scrape underneath all the swelling. A not so pretty picture. (Sorry you can’t see it. I don’t have a digital camera. Ha ha.) Ewww.

But, besides feeling dumb, and looking dumb with an over-sized knuckle on my right hand, I’m okay. I’m just glad I didn’t break my finger. I’ve never been in a bone-breaking accident, and I intend to keep it that way.

I better go put some ice on it.