So, I guess I’m supposed to be 18 years old today.

What a crazy world we live in. (sigh.)

I made the mistake of not reminding anyone about my birthday yesterday. It’s just like me to be the cause of my own misery. Oh, I wasn’t that miserable. I should have worn the crown Kelsey gave me. Maybe.

Lauren P. made me a birthday poster in Chemistry, and then in Block, Sarah B. made me one, too. I think I’ll tape them to my bedroom door.

Ha ha. In Block once people figured it was April 21, they were telling me “Happy Birthday,” and because everyone was saying it, instead of saying thank you, I said, “Happy… thank you.”

Sarah, Kristin A. and I went to Asian Smoothies for bubble teas to celebrate. I had the purple yam and coconut. That one was good. I made Sarah laugh a lot today. (Am I funny?) She almost spit out her bubble tea.