This year’s Mr. JHS rocked. (Yeah, I was there, Ramsey, and on a Thursday night, so stop laughing.) I went with Vonna and Susan, and we ended up sitting by Sandy. She was there to cheer on that guy, Chris, the one The Stiqayu did a feature on. She wanted us to yell for him too. So, what the heck, I did.

Dylan M., Erik G., William P., Joe J., Cody B., Joe A., Chris H., and Casey K. competed. There was a group dance (which was hilarious), a talent competition, a pick-up line competition (they all hit on Christine D.), and a formal wear competition.

I’d say they all were pretty good candidates. But, in the end, the final four were Erik, Cody, Joe A., and Casey. Too bad for Chris. The four answered a few questions, and then the judges crowned Joe A. Mr. JHS, with Erik as the first runner-up. Does anyone else think ASL is kinda sexy? Ha ha.

Oh, and I can’t forget the Improv Team! They were hilarious, too. I was laughing so hard. Erik, Ramsey, Christine, and Marple are the best of Improv, seriously. I loved the “three blind mice” bit. Although, the western doctor scene was pretty funny.

Afterward, we went out and got bubble teas. (Had a run in with the ice cream Nazi.) I tried raspberry peach. I don’t think I liked it very much. The peach was too overpowering and sour. I think I’ll get raspberry mango next time. I tasted that one of Susan’s and it was good. Then we met Sandy and Chris at Baskin Robins. (They wanted ice cream instead.) They left early, though, so we were sitting in there drinking our bubble teas without them. I wonder what the employees thought of that. Ha ha.