I’ve always wanted to devise a list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, but never get around to it. I know I can’t possibly list everything at once, so maybe I’ll come back to this entry and add to it later. This is what I have so far (in no particular order):

1. graduate
2. read the bible (cover to cover)
3. own a dollhouse
4. visit all 50 states
5. own all my favorite movies on DVD
6. decorate a house
7. publish a piece of work
8. speak spanish fluently
10. marry
11. have kids
12. fall in love
13. tour europe
14. donate to charity
15. cook a meal with 4 courses
16. get my license
17. go to a concert (a REAL one)
18. stay up all night talking
19. own an expensive flute
20. be able to play that expensive flute really well
21. know how to take and develop photos
22. know how to play the guitar
23. be kissed in the snow
24. visit egypt
25. go on a date
26. go ice skating
27. learn calculus
28. reach my potential
29. visit mexico
30. stay at “Worlds of Fun” for a day
31. learn to Salsa