Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I just got back from going to Camano Island for Vonna’s birthday. It was awesome, as you should already know. Ha ha. Matt drove me, Vonna, Sammi and Wendy up, and well, he does go a little crazy on turns, but he got us all there and back safely.

Right away we ate lunch on the beach. Girl Scout cookies! (Aha.) Jason was really brave… or crazy. I’ll go with crazy, and jumped right into the cold ocean water. Then we (14 of us… woohoo.) took a walk along the beach looking for shells and tiny crabs (So cute!). We had a couple crab fights. I checked out my tree for my initials, and at first I couldn’t find them, but they were there.

Kara, Wendy, and I went out in the paddle boat for a bit. It was nice and relaxing like always.

Everyone else had started a game of Spoons, and I joined in afterward. Now that was fun. We didn’t have spoons, so we took a bunch of rocks and used them instead. And we were all crowded around on a blanket, so close that you couldn’t help but check out your neighbor’s cards, and some did. John especially! (Rock hog. Ha ha.) But, then everyone was cheating. Even I traded some cards with this guy Griffin. I ended up getting S-P-O.

When people were getting tired of playing Spoons (I think the farthest we got was to S-P-O-O), practically everyone who didn’t go in the paddle boat went out into the water.

Then it was time to eat (at about 4:45… a little early). I had pineapple, a salad, and a hot dog. Oh, and I couldn’t forget Vonna’s homemade cheesecake and ice cream. That was good.

Vonna opened up her gifts after we ate. I remember Sammi gave a Linkin Park poster and red shoes (very cool). Oh, she got a license plate thing that said “My guy friends are sexy.” That was a riot. But I don’t remember whom that was from. (Matt?) John gave her a huge blue bunny. Ha. I gave her the Switchfoot cd she’d been wanting, jelly beans and a couple of nail polishes.

Afterward, Vonna wanted to play games, and a whole bunch ended up playing something called “Muff” (I think). I didn’t feel like getting hit in the back with a volleyball if I messed up, so I played Phase 10 instead, with Wendy and a girl named Whitney. I got second place, good enough. Susan should have played with us.

There had been debate on whether or not we were going to stay until sundown, but we did, and I’m glad. Jerica gathered firewood and we had a pretty nice campfire. And with singing! Yeah, John brought his guitar and sang some songs for us, and he’s actually pretty good. Then Andrew took over while we whipped out some marshmallows to roast, and of course the smores supplies. Yum.

Vonna, Kara, Matt, Andrew, Sammi, and I ended up standing around in the driveway at Vonna’s house for an hour waiting for a carload to come back, just talking. Turns out they made a wrong turn, or turned when they shouldn’t have, and ended up taking a scenic tour of Camano, and had to flag down a guy headed for Everett to ask for directions. Then they (David, Kasey, Bethany?, Griffin) ended up joining the circle and talking for awhile.

Griffin and them took me home, and so ends my story. (Yes, finally.) I think this day was just what I needed. It was really fun, a way to end spring break with a bang. Of course, a lot of those at the party just started their spring break, but I’m not going to think about that.